Author: Ella Bates

Master Trainer, Learning Expert, National Speaker

Every Project is Like Christmas

Yes we are 1/3 of the way through the year and quite probably, you wont want to hear the word Christmas, especially since there are also many many holidays, projects, adventures and challenges in between. Each year, I watch more and more people feel the heat towards these times.  Preparing your gifts, social media posts,…
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2018-04-03 0

When did you last congratulate yourself?

I want you all to know that Today and Tomorrow that you DESERVE and you CAN be the person you want to be, you CAN live your life the way that you want to by learning how to change your thinking, making lifestyle modifications and being super productive. What is your reason for not going…
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2018-03-01 1

Desk Paper Clutter

Are you a “keep just in case” paper collector?  There are so many places you can keep paper items digitally now it’s quite wonderful! Example articles, blog ideas, clippings can be snapped and stored on your phone or posted to an app like Pinterest.  If you keep receipts for business, there is an app for…
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2018-02-26 0

Get Scheduling

Print yourself off a calendar you can find one here Write down EVERYTHING you dedicate yourself to on a weekly basis each day.  Next schedule in what you WANT to fit into your busy schedule. Schedule time for interruptions, don’t be the time nazi and block all your time. Block out realistic times for example block out…
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2018-02-25 0

Be really HEARD by your Ideal Clients

Did you know that being a Guest Speaker and being right at the front of the room is one of the FASTEST ways to gain credibility & business marketing without having to have a sales pitch! There are some Biz owners who 100% rely on their speaking engagements for Client Leads!  Just look at TedEx!…
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2018-02-22 0

Get your music flowing!

Have you ever noticed that the first few bars of a song can transport your mind back to the past to another time in your life…a good or a bad memory? Not only that singing creates super charged brain activity in both sides of the brain (rarity)  meaning that you are exercising your brain muscle…
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2018-02-20 0

Are you skipping your breakfast?

Do you start your day eating right?  So you may have to set your alarm a little earlier, but I challenge you to go eat breakfast somewhere before your day starts.  You are a lot less likely to be eating amongst couples so great if you aren’t super comfortable with eating alone.  Choose one that…
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2018-02-16 0

Fall in love with your work

My first job I was so blessed to be given a position in a prestigious company that would eventually lead to being a barrister in a law firm.  Everyone was so very very proud of me and would talk incessantly about how I was a Trainee Legal Executive. I felt proud, what a title I had!…
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2018-02-16 0

Get Inspired and Be Inspiring!

When was the last time something inspired you, I mean the ‘get out of your seat and take action’ kind of inspired?  Did you share how inspiring that was? Do you read?  There are so many inspiring books to read out there.  I am not just talking about the self-help books either.  I recently put a status out there…
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2018-02-11 0

What are you placing value upon?

I’ve just had to give myself a time out and a good talking to. It was my 2 year checkup at the optometrist and I chose some new frames (I like to change them up). One frame I liked so much more, suited me better but were so expensive! The other, were nice and more along my…
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2018-02-08 0

Craving your Routine back?

It’s not a wonder we crave routine, even the cells in our body have patterns and schedule and order!  As does the sun, think about it…when we have a schedule or a routine and some order in our lives, things go smoother. We do it naturally  We order our lives so that we limit the…
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2018-01-08 0

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

Are you looking for increased business success or more of a chance of celebrate your successes this year?  Alongside your goals, it is a PERFECT time to set New years Resolutions for your business and create new habits which will trajectory in your business. Here are my top New Year’s resolutions for business owners designed…
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2018-01-02 0

Get Visualizing Your Goals

Did you know that since the beginning of time we have used visualization techniques for success?  When we want to win in competition, we visualize how we will look and feel when we win and When we are hungry, we visualize what we would like to eat.  Its quite simple really.   So why aren’t…
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2017-11-09 0
Plan to succeed

What is your Plan to Succeed In your Career?

  Write your Map, YOU are the driver! Would you go on a journey without knowing how you are going to get to your destination? Having goals is not enough, do you know the resources you need, the first steps, your strengths to capitalize on, your potential threats? Do you have your map ready for next year?…
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2017-10-27 0

Boost Your Body Language

Why does body language have the largest impact of all the ways we communicate? Because words have limitations, let’s face it, you can’t explain shapes well with words. Your personality is expressed nonverbally! Non-verbal skills are super powerful, they express inner feelings and show authenticity as they are a little harder to be controlled than the spoken…
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2017-10-19 0

Why your goals need to be ‘Sticky’

Why isn’t everyone rocking their goals they make with such great intention at the start of the year?  The top 3 reasons why…. Not being realistic – Some of us have such ideas of grandeur and why it is great to grow and stretch ourselves taking on new challenges, we don’t want to exhaust ourselves…
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