Author: Ella Bates

Master Trainer, Learning Expert, National Speaker

Create your commute

The end of remote working isn’t going anywhere any time soon, while we are taking advantage of the flexibility it provides, we are also seeing some huge losses. One that has been undervalued, is our daily commute. While we may not miss the crowded trains, or sitting in traffic day to day, we do miss…
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2021-01-28 0

Can’t do it? Then you Won’t

Simply put into laymens terms, it’s when you believe something so much to be true, that you act in that way as if it WAS true and then it becomes true. For example. As a child you say I cant ride a bike I will fall off, you believe it so much that you get…
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2020-03-31 0

Reflective questions for High Impact Conversations

We know from research that for ANYTHING to be done effectively, the success depends on asking the right questions.  This is the first crucial step, so what questions should you be asking of your teams? What should we do differently in our (Project, Department, Team)  open up the opportunity to change and grow and helps your teams…
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2020-03-18 0

Top 5 CRITICAL Workplace Soft Skills

Its more important than ever before in that we help our employees build their skills set, grow their career and push your organization forward! there are 5 critical soft skills that organizations like yours are looking for. How can you close the gaps as quickly and efficiently as possible? Read our recommendation on books, videos,…
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Give the gift of Knowledge

In my experience, the number 1 learning practice within a high impact business is the culture of sharing knowledge!  In order to super charge the power that comes with knowledge it must be shared with others.  Remember, knowledge is only potential power, until MASSIVE action is taken upon the knowledge it holds little charge.  The first…
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2019-12-14 0

Learn for FREE – Everywhere

UNCATEGORIZED Where to start learning? There are many many places you can learn from free to huge investments, here is a small pick of my personal favorites. Everyday situations – time to get curious! Step back and look at your peripheral, what do you see, who do you see, what are they doing, why are they…
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2019-06-27 0

Do you need to be in ALL the meetings?

Meetings should have high impact! But do they always? The amount of wasted time in organizations on low impact & ineffective meetings has risen. Time to take stock of what REALLY makes for a high impact meeting. As an organizer, ask yourself “do we REALLY need a meeting?” Are you holding it just because it is scheduled…
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2019-06-24 1

Innovate Work Conference

Taking a Risk and be the new HR Have you frequently heard HR referred to as the Police, the Cops and an overhead, not driving any revenue? We could all consider, instead being the new HR.  Imagine if HR stopped being risk adverse, stopped being so stringent and just policy and rules orientated and adapted…
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2019-04-17 1

Tips To Prevent Burnout

Burnout – “Exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.”

2018-09-06 0
100 days of learning


  #100daysoflearning Join in our growth generation!  I want to start a social media experiment!  Can you imagine what would happen if everyone were to post what they had learned each day #100daysoflearning on social media, helping others grow, driving an awareness of personal growth, sharing positive learning! I wonder just how our social media learning will change…
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