Make Tomorrow More Productive

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Make Tomorrow More Productive

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Be more productive tomorrow

Hoping tomorrow will be MORE productive than today?  Here are our top 5 tips of things you can do right now!

Frustatingly busy

Tip 1:  Make a plan the night before.

Write down your top 3 items that have the greatest importance for the day. 

Why only the important?  Because this will keep you on track to do the action that matter the most, have the greatest impact, have the highest consequences.  Use this as a compass. 

When we write down what we need to do the next day for it to be an efficient day and a great use of your time. 

you are distracted

Tip 2 - Stop Distracting yourself!

What is your biggest distraction?  Allow me to answer this, it is you!

I invite you to turn OFF your distractions. 

Checking interrupts your concentration when you are in a work flow.  Distractions like your smartphone to emails and desktop applications. 

Consider having key times a day that you check your queries, handling each query only once. 

YOU get to control your devices, don’t have your technology control you!

This will help reduced distractions and increase your focus.

Get comfortable

Tip 3 - Get comfortable

Get more comfortable…….take a look at:

The clothes that you are wearing, are they practical for what you need to do today?

How comfortable is your chair?  Can you replace it, use a pillow?

What is your background noise, do you need music to focus?  Choose a great playlist like this.  Do you need to turn off all noise?

How is the temperature of your room?

Has your work area everything you need and have you got rid of everything you don’t need?

Know what kind of environment makes you the most comfortable and can help you maintain your focus today!

Focus on one small thing

Tip 4 - Focus on something small

Take one of your big projects and break it down into smaller pieces and focus on just one, one that can be accomplished more easily.

Your reward circuits in your brain will THANK YOU for it and it will drive your motivation for all the other small parts!

PLUS, it only requires a shorter period of time for focus which means greater odds for completion!  Read more about celebrating here

get more sleep

Tip 5 - Get More Sleep

Don’t cheat yourself out of sleep to get more done, you will get a sleep debt which builds up over time. 

Getting rest increases focus and improves your health, get 7-9 hours a night.

One quick tip for more sleep, start dimming lights well before you go to bed, train your brain to know when its time to sleep.  You will get into bed feeling sleepier and more ready for the rest that you need.  Get more tips on getting a better night's sleep here 

For a more productive day tomorrow check out our LIVE Productivity Bootcamp or our ONLINE Productivity Bootcamp.  For more learning opportunities go to www.ellabates.com/

I hope tomorrow is more productive for you!

Skills Trainer - Ella Bates

Skills Trainer - Ella Bates

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