The only way to be concise in your Emails

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The only way to be concise in your Emails

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How many emails do you get a day?  According to research the average person gets and sends around 121 business emails per day (see where I found this crazy statistic here).  Time being the most precious resource in this world, it is more than ever more important that we get concise with what we have to say.  

No-one wants an essay of information.  The key is to summarize your information, direction and provide the opportunity for them to reach out if they want additional context/information, (this is partly what the attach button is for!)

When you convey your message, simply and concisely, you will be seen to be more credible, highly persuasive and authoritative as a communicator.  Plus the receiver will be grateful that you haven't hit them with yet another essay to read. 

Take a look at your emails, do you have them full of the "filler words" ?  Time for them to GO!  Phrases like:  "I just wanted to let you know", "As I have said before" ........

Other benefits of being concise?  Attention Span...  According to leading marketing experts, the average attention span has gone down to 8 seconds.  (Which is less than a goldfish).  Meaning, if you want them to remember what you have wrote, take action on the information/request or learn something, it is CRITICAL to be concise with your written communication.

It's time to take control and respect of your clients/peers time and be concise.  Do your teams need to be more concise with their communication?  We cover the trick to simplified communicating for the best impact in our Effective Communication training.  This is just a small extract from what we cover from our high-impact effective communication workshop series. 

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