What do you not know, they know

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What do you not know, they know

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Recently, one of my participants declaring they spoke 4 languages and the client being surprised.  This got me to thinking, what do you not know about your staff that they know?  

The past experiences and skills of your team are the foundation to success, but the ability to identify and embrace these transferable skills is the catalyst for high growth.  

Every single person who walks through your office doors brings with them a unique blend of skills and experiences that make them a valuable asset, you need to be able to tap into this goldmine of potential, so how?  The answer lies in understanding and leveraging the concept of transferable skills.

Identifying Transferable Skills: The Key to Unleashing Potential

Not all skills are created equal, and not every skill a team member possesses might directly align with your business. However, the art lies in recognizing those hidden gems within seemingly unrelated experiences. Imagine a team member with a culinary background from their food truck days. While it might not be directly applicable to your finance business, dig deeper and you might uncover event planning expertise, social media prowess, or even creative design capabilities. These transferable skills can be a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked.

Consider making the identification of these transferable skills a part of your recruitment process. Pose questions that explore the unique strengths and interests of candidates. 

Listening: The Gateway to Uncovering Hidden Talents

Regular interactions, be it during meeting breaks, weekly catch-ups, or performance reviews, provide an opportunity to delve deeper into their aspirations. Ask open-ended questions that encourage them to share their feelings about their current roles, future interests, and personal career goals. By truly listening, you not only make them feel valued but also gain insights into their untapped capabilities.

Leveraging Their Skillset: Nurturing Growth and Innovation

Identification is merely the first step. The true magic happens when you transform this knowledge into action. Tailoring tasks and responsibilities to align with individual strengths can lead to a happier and more productive team. This might mean reorganizing teams or introducing new projects that resonate with their skills and passions. But it also offers an avenue to venture into uncharted territory. Empowering an events enthusiast to host virtual events or enlisting tech-savvy members to elevate your online presence can lead to novel opportunities and a vibrant workplace culture.

Investing in Development: Cultivating Excellence  A culture of continuous learning can be a powerful catalyst for individual and organizational growth. Research shows that training and development opportunities directly impact employee satisfaction.

By customizing training to align with their interests, you demonstrate that their growth matters. From in-house projects to external courses, virtual classes, workshops, and professional qualifications, investing in their development pays dividends in employee retention and overall productivity.Ella Bates is your Employee Learning Specialist, specializing in Leadership Skills, Communication and Productivity, see more here