Feedback really is cool

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Feedback really is cool

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While its important for leaders to understand HOW to give feedback, receiving it can be super difficult, even if positive.  

AND...its a really important part of your growth in life and your career.  

Here are some top tips to making it feel less "judgy" ready?

  1. Who is giving it?  Consider the source and the context in which it is given.  Is it from a trusted mentor/colleague/leader or from someone who hasn't observed your performance for themselves?  Plus not everyone has the skills to communicate feedback in a constructive way.

2.  Leave your ego at the door This is challenging at the best of times.  Emotions are simply a reaction, remember our brains don't like any threat, especially social threats.   Assume good intent, they share constructive criticism to enable you to have a better chance at more joy and great results at work and the great feedback to help you continue to be great.

  1. Keep open Remember you only know your own intentions.  We need to be open to understanding the impact our performance/behavior has on others.  
  2. Be grateful Anyone who has the courage to share feedback.  It takes effort and planning to give feedback, show gratitude, it builds rapport and helps guide them to give you MORE feedback and by more I mean positive AND constructive.
  3. Be solution focused Its super useful when feedback is actionable, don't focus on the fault, focus on the solution and like a plant, growing.  Take action on what feedback is impact focused.

Remember, feedback is a beautiful and sometimes hard gift, and taking it well can help you grow and improve both personally and professionally.  Like a plant, you can have just enough water to survive in your career, or you can be super nourished with the gift of feedback!

You've got this!

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