Why cant you just tell people what to do?

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Why cant you just tell people what to do?

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Thankfully we aren't in an autocratic society, nor is it 1965, but it would be easier if we could just tell our staff what to do.  We know 100% that this doesn't

  • maintain motivation
  • inspire hard work
  • retain staff
  • create an enjoyable workspace

So we can you do instead?  

As a manager, there are many ways to help your team members grow and develop their skills. Teaching and telling is certainly one approach, coaching can be a more effective way to support your employees in achieving their goals and improving their performance. Here are a few reasons why you might consider this for you as a leader:

More PERSON Focused We often assume everyone learns the same way, coaching is more personalized to be able to identify together their strengths and weaknesses and make any task/goal/plan individualized.  

It builds RELATIONSHIPS Coaching is more collaborative: Teaching can often feel like a one-way transfer of knowledge, with the manager being the expert and the employee being the student.  When you ask great question in a collaborative way, you work together which creates more commitment and accountability.  

Its hugely empowering, if you give someone the answers they need to take action/solve a problem, it creates dependence on you!  Help your employees develop their own problem-solving skills so they can grow and improve on their own.  

If you are ready to use this powerful tool  and be a leader that coaches (you can learn how here)  you can support your teams to achieve the goals and improve their own performance with simple questions.  Download your FREE guide to asking great questions here.  

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