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Mind the Skills Gap!

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, the success of any organization heavily relies on the collective skills and competencies of its workforce. Identifying and addressing skill gaps among your…
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What do you not know, they know

Recently, one of my participants declaring they spoke 4 languages and the client being surprised.  This got me to thinking, what do you not know about your staff that they…
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Barbie the Leader

While Barbie is a fictional doll (and a REALLY funny movie) her journey, attributes, and evolution over time can provide symbolic parallels to leadership qualities and strategies. Here’s why you…
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Are they a Toxic or Difficult Employee?

So you have a difficult employee.  The word toxic is trending and its important we don’t label our employees but ensure we give people the resources and support to have…
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Are you really ready to be a Manager?

Ready for some scary statistics? In one study of 7,272 U.S. adults, Gallup found that 50 percent of employees left their job “to get away from their manager to improve…
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2023-04-17 1

Time to Manage the Boss

Managing your boss may sound like a daunting task, but it’s a skill that can take your career to new heights! Knowing how to manage upwards means being able to…
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2023-03-26 0

Why cant you just tell people what to do?

Thankfully we aren’t in an autocratic society, nor is it 1965, but it would be easier if we could just tell our staff what to do.  We know 100% that…
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Saying NO is saying YES

Saying “no” at work can be challenging, especially when it comes to saying no to a boss or a colleague. However, it is a crucial part of self-care and maintaining…
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Feedback really is cool

While its important for leaders to understand HOW to give feedback, receiving it can be super difficult, even if positive.   AND…its a really important part of your growth in life…
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Holiday Out of Office

It’s nearly time for you to disconnect fully from work YAY, while you may have your emails all tied up for the season, there are still clients and internal departments…
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Future Proof Soft Skills for 2023

Its more important than ever before in that we help our employees build their skills set, grow their career and push your organization forward! there are 5 critical soft skills…
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Leadership Mistakes that Need Fixing

You deserve to enjoy the benefits that come with being a leader. But sometimes it’s difficult to live up to the expectations of others. And the reality is that sometimes you’ll make mistakes.

As a leader, your mistakes can result in losing your successful advantage. If you use the right strategy to fix your mistakes, however, recovering from them becomes much easier.

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Want to feel more Engaged at Work?

Employee engagement is a major factor in business success, so it’s obvious why your boss hopes you’re passionate about your work. Still, you have a lot at stake too.

If you’re like the average professional, you spend about one-third of your life at the office. That’s almost 90,000 hours. Feeling committed and connected is important for your health and happiness.

2022-02-20 0

The only way to be concise in your Emails

How many emails do you get a day? According to research the average person gets a sends around 121 business emails per day (see where I found this crazy statistic here). Time being the most precious resource in this world, it is more than ever more important that we get concise with what we have to say.

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Be more productive tomorrow

Make Tomorrow More Productive

Hoping tomorrow will be MORE productive than today? Here are our top 5 tips of things you can do right now!

2022-01-19 0
Are your teams ready to lead?

Get ready to lead!

Simply put, not everyone is ready to lead.

One of the most popular answers for why people are leaving organizations is the poor skills of their leaders, so what skills MUST your leaders have?

Here are our top 5?

2021-12-26 0
Prep before the holidays

Holiday Prep Day

It’s not unusual for people to burn themselves out leading to the holiday period ready to be in a position to enjoy the holiday, only to find themselves too burnt…
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5 Reasons for a Lunch & Learn This Season

Make sure to read to the bottom, we have a FREE resource for you too! Reason One MAGIC OF BEING INFORMAL  Attendees are much more open to discussion, remember and digest…
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5 Reasons for a Lunch & Learn This Season

Make sure to read to the bottom, we have a FREE resource for you too! Reason One MAGIC OF BEING INFORMAL  Attendees are much more open to discussion, remember and digest…
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Afraid of Back to Back Meetings? You Should be!

Why is this a MUST READ for those in Back to Back Meetings?  You’ve heard of Zoom Fatigue, Microsoft recently went one step further and looked deep into the effects…
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2021-05-27 0

Estimate the cost of your meeting with our calculator

Time is the most precious real estate we have in organizations and time should be well spent in meetings that are Outcome Focused – Engaging and Interactive and Super Productive!…
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2021-04-30 0

Forget Balance – Try Harmony Instead

Who has heard of the term Work-life balance? What do you think of when you hear this? People use it as a measuring stick as to how happy they are…
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2021-02-06 0

Create your commute

The end of remote working isn’t going anywhere any time soon, while we are taking advantage of the flexibility it provides, we are also seeing some huge losses. One that…
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2021-01-28 0

Can’t do it? Then you Won’t

Simply put into laymens terms, it’s when you believe something so much to be true, that you act in that way as if it WAS true and then it becomes…
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2020-03-31 0

Reflective questions for High Impact Conversations

We know from research that for ANYTHING to be done effectively, the success depends on asking the right questions.  This is the first crucial step, so what questions should you…
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2020-03-18 1

Top 5 CRITICAL Workplace Soft Skills

Its more important than ever before in that we help our employees build their skills set, grow their career and push your organization forward! there are 5 critical soft skills…
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2020-01-31 0

Give the gift of Knowledge

In my experience, the number 1 learning practice within a high impact business is the culture of sharing knowledge!  In order to super charge the power that comes with knowledge it…
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2019-12-14 0

Learn for FREE – Everywhere

UNCATEGORIZED Where to start learning? There are many many places you can learn from free to huge investments, here is a small pick of my personal favorites. Everyday situations – time…
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2019-06-27 0

Do you need to be in ALL the meetings?

Meetings should have high impact! But do they always? The amount of wasted time in organizations on low impact & ineffective meetings has risen. Time to take stock of what…
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2019-06-24 1

Innovate Work Conference

Taking a Risk and be the new HR Have you frequently heard HR referred to as the Police, the Cops and an overhead, not driving any revenue? We could all…
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2019-04-17 1

Tips To Prevent Burnout

Burnout – “Exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.”

2018-09-06 0


#30daysoflearning   Join in our growth generation!  I want to start a social media experiment!  Can you imagine what would happen if everyone were to post what they had learned…
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Use your SUMMER Time Wisely!

My top tips:ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE:  Just because the kids aren’t in school, or you aren’t at work doesn’t mean we don’t crave routine, in fact, our brain CRAVES it!  We…
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2018-06-26 0

Why ‘WHY’ Is Important in the Workplace

They’ve said that stories sell….so should your internal marketing.  People and key employes dont buy what you do, they buy into WHY you do it and WHY they should want…
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2018-06-19 0

Get a Difficult Conversation Back On Track

Frequently our conversations can into difficult conversations, frustrating, resentment and time and effort wasting. There are many conversational tools we can become skillful at.  Let’s look at our top 5:…
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5 Ways to Sneak in Exercise

Some of your colleagues right now may be exercising, look around, take a peak on that virtual call, can you tell?  Probably not.   There are a number of ‘movements’…
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