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Holiday Out of Office

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It's nearly time for you to disconnect fully from work YAY, while you may have your emails all tied up for the season, there are still clients and internal departments working.  Should they get the usual "I'm out of office until 9 Jan 2023" email?  

Be different this year, shake things up, be authentic and informative.  Before you click the out of office button, consider these professional alternatives!

Out of Office:  Dial up the friendliness in a Traditional Company

Thanks for your email, I am celebrating the holidays by traveling to see family in Montreal [or insert other awesome plans] with no access to my email.

I'll be responding to messages when I return on Jan 2023, if your queries is time-sensitive, please contact [insert contact]

Here are some FAQ's to help you in the meantime

[insert faq's]

Happy Holidays

[your name]

Out of Office:  Be super festive in a modern company

Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year because it means I am [insert fun adventures, drinking chocolate lattes, stuffing your face with turkey sandwiches etc].

I'll be back to usual email responses on 9th Jan.  If this query is time-sensitive, please email [insert] so I don't delay your response!

Happy holidays!
[Your Name]

[insert great quote on new beginnings]

Out of Office:  Will be checking in for urgent matters but still friendly


I wont be in the north pole, yet I'm likely to be binge watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate, however, I'll be checking in once per day while in this heavenly state.  

If your query requires immediate attention, resent a message with "URGENT"  in the title and I will respond.

In the meantime, enjoy my favorite work hack on being productive over the holidays [INSERT LINK (here's the one I will be using!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHxhjDPKfbY)

All the best,
[Your Name]

Out of Office:  Happy to bring humor to their inbox


I’m offline for the holidays—which means I am either:

A) Explaining what it means to be a [insert title] to my great Aunty Marion for the 12th time or
B) Recharging with excess turkey eating, chocolate eating and game playing with the little people in my life

I’ll return on 9 Jan 2023 after I watch Bad Santa a few more times and will respond then.

If this email is super urgent, please contact my super colleague [contact] who will be happy to delay watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation for you.  

Happy holidays!
[Your Name]

If you are feeling fun or need to support your clients still or want to simply entertain them in your inbox, you know what to do, be sure to still effectively communicate this season with your clients and teams, they deserve to NOT have a boring inbox!

Please take the time to be recharged without the need to feel like you have to check your inbox, your 2023 you deserves it!

Happy holidays friend! Skills Trainer Ella

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