Get ready to lead!

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Get ready to lead!

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Are your teams ready to lead?

Not everyone is ready to lead a team, one of the biggest complains during exit interviews are the poor skills of the leaders.  

Here are the top 5 skills to start with!

Best leadership skills

1.  Adaptability

Being adaptable has been one of the hottest topics, especially in the light of COVID19.  We have to be able to manage change, not just for ourselves but for the people that follow us.  The most predictable thing in organizations and life is change, you want your leaders to be adaptable, ready to move with the new and ready to support any pivots.

2.  Emotional Intelligence

Understanding others and managing your own emotional responses in the workplace is one of the most KEY skills in leadership, leadership is about guidance and people coaching and leading them to greatness.  If you are unable to understand the people around you, where will you lead them?  

3.  Creativity & Innovation

As the past few years (post covid) have proved to us, alongside the intense speed at which the world is changing and involving, organizations and people have had to be ready with new ideas, evolution in their mindset and products and out of the box thinking.  

Creativity Training

Creativity a critical skill for leaders

4.  Persuasion

In times of change, creativity and innovation and beautifully matched with emotional intelligence, you want your leaders to navigate their followers through newness.  Persuasion is a simple art of communicating ideas and solutions in a way that excite and engage their followers.  

5.  Understanding Leadership

Do your teams understand what is means to be a leader?  Do they understand the differences between being a manager and a leader?  Are they able to articulate HOW they commit to being a great leader?  Are they aware of expectations of a leader in your organization?  

Don't just take our word for it, in the worldwide reports for key learning in 2022, these are highlighted skills, check them out at:

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Leadership Skills

Leadership Critical Skills

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