Vacation Burnout

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Vacation Burnout

2023-08-14 Slider Training 0

As the temperature rises and the days got longer, your staff easily anticipated the summer break for relaxation, vacations, and a chance to recharge.

However, the concept of summer burnout among employees is a real phenomenon, read why it happens and how you can support your teams.

Understanding Summer Burnout

While summer is all fun and leisure, it can also bring its share of stress and exhaustion. So many reasons for this:  

Workload Management: Pressure to complete tasks/frenzied working leaves them drained.

Unrealistic Expectations: Some employees might struggle with balancing work commitments and personal plans, leading to feelings of overwhelm.

Team Dynamics: Staffing shortages, shouldering extra responsibilities.  

Fear of Falling Behind: Many employees fear missing out or falling behind during their absence. This can drive them to stay connected even during their time off, disrupting the benefits of vacation.

FOMO:  Social media can contribute to feelings of inadequacy as employees see peers sharing their seemingly perfect vacations. 

So how do you support them in the transition to this new season?

As leaders, you have the power to create a work environment that acknowledges and addresses summer burnout. Here are five actionable strategies to support your team:

  1. Set Realistic Expectations for their next vacation: Communicate clearly about work expectations during the summer months. Allow your team members to plan their workload effectively and avoid overloading them before their vacations. Encourage open discussions about priorities.
  2. Encourage Disconnecting the rest of the year: Vacations are NOT just for summer!  Lead by example and emphasize the importance of unplugging during vacations. Remind your team that taking a break is not only acceptable but also essential for maintaining their well-being and long-term productivity.
  3. Recognize and Celebrate Accomplishments: Highlight your team's achievements, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement can boost morale and help combat feelings of inadequacy. Create a culture where employees feel valued for their efforts.
  4. Plan Team-Building Activities: Engage your team with an outing or event planned.  Foster a sense of community and give employees something to look forward to outside of their daily tasks.
  5. Boost their Skills: Plan a  motivational skills building workshop. Engaging with external training providers like us will boost their skills, deepen motivation and give them a chance to grow.  

Summer burnout is a reality that must be addressed to make sure your staff's well being is being nurtured and productivity is sustained.  Create an environment where there is always a time for relaxation, growth, and re invigoration. As the temperature rises, let your leadership shine brighter by providing the guidance and empathy your team needs to thrive during the summer months and beyond, we are ready to help you within this transition.

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