The 5 Why’s

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Ever wondered how to get to the root of a challenge really quickly?  Or find the purpose of something?  Just ask the question WHY?

Mr Toyoda of Toyota Manufacturing created a simple Root Cause Analysis method, often used in Project Management such as Lean and Agile, Six Sigma etc.

A great example of this is when a car battery dies

WHY did the battery die?

Because the alternator isn’t working

WHY isn’t the alternator working?

Because the alternator belt broke

WHY did the alternator break?

Because the belt was past its recommended date for servicing.

WHY was the the car not serviced according to the schedule?

The final Why (and you can go further but usually only in complex cases) can you find the real reason, or the solution problem of which to work from.

The 5 Why;’s process can be used in simple needs analysis, root cause analysis, performance management, quick critical thinking and more!  

Ella Bates
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