Task Management Course Outline

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Task Management & Strong Teams

As leaders, your team expects to be engaged, motivated, stretched and performance managed.  Communication, Coaching, Delegation and strong understanding skills are critical to the team’s success.  Our workshops establish proven techniques of engaging your teams as a high-impact leader.

Have you ever wondered..

How to delegate while creating a culture of empowerment and accountability.

How to motivate your team members and maximize their strengths?  

How you can build a strong cohesive team? 

What you can expect

Understand the principles, processes and methods of delegation

Create a culture of accountability

Set motivational expectations for team members

Manage according to personality type to maximize team effectiveness

Recognize the importance of "team talk" and team-building activities

Develop your own action plan for building a winning team

Become an empowering leader that fosters effective teamwork


We work with you to determine the delivery style VIRTUAL or IN PERSON.  1-2 hours, half or full day delivery that would work best for your organization and your teams.  

Task Management & Strong Teams