Magical Meetings

Are your meetings effective?  Have high impact?  Structured?  Engaging?

Are your meetings Valuable?

Meetings should have high impact! But do they always? The amount of wasted time in organizations on low impact & ineffective meetings has risen. Time to take stock of what REALLY makes for a high impact meeting.

  1. As an organizer, ask yourself “do we REALLY need a meeting?” Are you holding it just because it is scheduled or is it worth the investment of time pulling people away from actively completing their tasks.
  2. Are you accepting all meetings regardless? Do you know the value you will bring? Are you the right person? Could you provide information/answer a question to them ahead of time? Have you been invited out of courtesy? How many meetings have you attended where you wonder why you have been invited?
  3. Is there a structure to the meeting? Have you requested an agenda? Meetings are taking up precious real estate in your schedule. The objective should be clear with a few items to guide discussion. Unstructured meetings are likely to go off on a tangent and invite other discussion topics, avoiding meeting the objective of the meeting.
  4. Start and End on time. If the meeting is structured with a clear objective, the likeliness is that this will be easy. If it runs late or people are late, remember the domino impact his has on the rest of everyone’s’ days, completion of tasks to deadline, stress levels etc.
  5. No multi-tasking. Some organizations have a bowl for phones and a no laptop rule aside from the minute taker or those presenting information. ‘Presenteeism’ is a real problem in meetings. What with there being the constant stream of notifications. If their presence is required, then

You control your time, you should be aligning ALL your task to your goals. Time to take stock, are all your meetings valuable? Be productive and more at our Productivity Bootcamp.

Ella Bates – Designer of Signature Program Productivity Bootcamp

Ella Bates

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

Owner of Trainingx3 the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success,  Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry within Corporate and Higher Education. If you are looking for Corporate Training with high impact and long lasting results, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE

Why ‘WHY’ Is Important in the Workplace

They’ve said that stories sell….so should your internal marketing.  People and key employes dont buy what you do, they buy into WHY you do it and WHY they should want it.

Simon Sinek believes it’s critical for employees to understand the “why” of the organization. Why did it start to begin with? What is the drive behind it? Why do the leaders in the organization do what they do? What drives them every day?

In organizations we get caught up in the ‘Busy-ness’ of the day to day, how often do we step back and look at the true purpose of the organization, how often as an employee do we step back and determine f our tasks are driven towards the strategic goals and the goals of the department, how often do we take a step back and look to see if the tasks and projects are aligned with our own personal values?

If our “why” is super clear then its super easy for our team to drive focus towards the why.

Make the difference between passion and a pay cheque.

As adults, we thrive in an environment where we can be highly productive, feel engaged and have accountability for our actions, when we know what impact we are having and the difference we are making, the motivation is higher and the productivity increases.

Do you remember “why” you joined the company, do you remember “why” your company was founded, do you remember “why” you have those projects and tasks on your list?

Everything starts with “why”

Ella Bates

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

Owner of Trainingx3 the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success,  Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry.  If you are looking for high impact training in your organization with long lasting results, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE