Give the gift of Knowledge

In my experience, the number 1 learning practice within a high impact business is the culture of sharing knowledge! 

In order to super charge the power that comes with knowledge it must be shared with others.  Remember, knowledge is only potential power, until MASSIVE action is taken upon the knowledge it holds little charge.  The first action is to SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE, so how can you do this effectively in your business?

Encourage a Knowledge Sharing Culture During your meetings, ask people to share what they have learnt that week.  This can be something as simple as a book they read or a podcast they listened to.  One nuggat of information can have a MASSIVE domino effect, just look at the power of the word WHY started off by Simon Sinek, plant the seed!

If someone is attending a workshop, encourage them to do a short Teach-Back of their key learning!  This can be in the form of a written blog, a quick video capturing the momentum directly after the learning, or a formal presentation.  The beauty of the teach back, is the staff on the front line will be well equipped to know exactly what is ‘just in time’ useful data.  This will position your team member as a knowledgeable expert, raising their status and encouraging them to share more.  Plus encourages others to ask questions of not just the deemed experts by title, but peer-to-peer expertise!

Create a knowledge bank!  This could be created in social media, on shared drives, or even in paper form.  When nuggats are shared, these could be collated into useful information for new staff members! 

Remember, We don’t know what we don’t know!  For example, a few years ago in my team, I had a staff member who we found out 3 years into their time with the company that they spoke another language.  Don’t discount the impact of sharing personal information and key strengths outside of the formal “job description”.  We were able to have that staff member create superior learning packages for our offices that had team members who spoke that particular language! 

How often do you ask your staff ‘What would be INTERESTING for them to learn?  This may be how decisions are made, who decides which coffee is in the staff room or how the accountancy practice works.  While this may not be part of their day-to-day tasks, the inside knowledge gives a MASSIVE advantage to collaboration, understanding and a shared direction!

Start the process of a growth culture with knowledge sharing!

Want to know more about how YOU can create a growth culture in your organization?  We would LOVE to talk with you.  Book your complimentary call today and lets grow your people!

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

Founder of Trainingx3™ the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success, Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry. If you are looking to fill your knowledge gaps in your organization, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE to book a complimentary discovery call. Read more at

Magical Meetings

Are your meetings effective?  Have high impact?  Structured?  Engaging?

Are your meetings Valuable?

Meetings should have high impact! But do they always? The amount of wasted time in organizations on low impact & ineffective meetings has risen. Time to take stock of what REALLY makes for a high impact meeting.

  1. As an organizer, ask yourself “do we REALLY need a meeting?” Are you holding it just because it is scheduled or is it worth the investment of time pulling people away from actively completing their tasks.
  2. Are you accepting all meetings regardless? Do you know the value you will bring? Are you the right person? Could you provide information/answer a question to them ahead of time? Have you been invited out of courtesy? How many meetings have you attended where you wonder why you have been invited?
  3. Is there a structure to the meeting? Have you requested an agenda? Meetings are taking up precious real estate in your schedule. The objective should be clear with a few items to guide discussion. Unstructured meetings are likely to go off on a tangent and invite other discussion topics, avoiding meeting the objective of the meeting.
  4. Start and End on time. If the meeting is structured with a clear objective, the likeliness is that this will be easy. If it runs late or people are late, remember the domino impact his has on the rest of everyone’s’ days, completion of tasks to deadline, stress levels etc.
  5. No multi-tasking. Some organizations have a bowl for phones and a no laptop rule aside from the minute taker or those presenting information. ‘Presenteeism’ is a real problem in meetings. What with there being the constant stream of notifications. If their presence is required, then

You control your time, you should be aligning ALL your task to your goals. Time to take stock, are all your meetings valuable? Be productive and more at our Productivity Bootcamp.

Ella Bates – Designer of Signature Program Productivity Bootcamp

Ella Bates

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

Owner of Trainingx3 the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success,  Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry within Corporate and Higher Education. If you are looking for Corporate Training with high impact and long lasting results, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE

Why ‘WHY’ Is Important in the Workplace

They’ve said that stories sell….so should your internal marketing.  People and key employes dont buy what you do, they buy into WHY you do it and WHY they should want it.

Simon Sinek believes it’s critical for employees to understand the “why” of the organization. Why did it start to begin with? What is the drive behind it? Why do the leaders in the organization do what they do? What drives them every day?

In organizations we get caught up in the ‘Busy-ness’ of the day to day, how often do we step back and look at the true purpose of the organization, how often as an employee do we step back and determine f our tasks are driven towards the strategic goals and the goals of the department, how often do we take a step back and look to see if the tasks and projects are aligned with our own personal values?

If our “why” is super clear then its super easy for our team to drive focus towards the why.

Make the difference between passion and a pay cheque.

As adults, we thrive in an environment where we can be highly productive, feel engaged and have accountability for our actions, when we know what impact we are having and the difference we are making, the motivation is higher and the productivity increases.

Do you remember “why” you joined the company, do you remember “why” your company was founded, do you remember “why” you have those projects and tasks on your list?

Everything starts with “why”

Ella Bates

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

Owner of Trainingx3 the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success,  Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry.  If you are looking for high impact training in your organization with long lasting results, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE


Boost Your Body Language

Why does body language have the largest impact of all the ways we communicate? Because words have limitations, let’s face it, you can’t explain shapes well with words. Your personality is expressed nonverbally! Non-verbal skills are super powerful, they express inner feelings and show authenticity as they are a little harder to be controlled than the spoken word.

So what quick tips can you do to boost your awareness of body language and maximize your budding relationships with clients?

Make your handshake count Do you extend your hand first? It will demonstrate confidence and mean that you are interested in engaging in a friendly encounter, don’t be shy, be first!.Are you matching the grip of the other person? Do you reach in with your palm facing downwards? Did you know that this is considered dominating or aggressive?  A vital piece of our Body Language Program is being acutely aware of how you connect with others.

Eye contact Most of us pay more attention to what the eyes of a person says than listening to their words? Why? Connection will be greater as they will consider you more competent and trustworthy. Think about how you feel when someone talks to you without eye contact.


How do you hold your arms and legs? Do you sit with your legs to the side showing that you are open to new ideas? Or with your ankles crossed showing confidence? Are you crossing your arms, showing you are serious and analytical or hands resting in your lap showing that you are a wonderful conversationalist and are more listened to and respected?


Study others Are you aware of how others carry themselves? What they are portraying? Especially study those who you admire, your gut instinct may have been merely being aware of their body language (what they weren’t saying verbally!)

Its time to start being acutely aware of how you connect with others!


Ella Bates

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

Owner of Trainingx3 the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success,  Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry within Corporate and Higher Education. If you are looking to have a conversation with an Corporate Training expert about your learning needs, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE  Read more at