Use your SUMMER Time Wisely!

Time management in the summer
SUMMER IS HERE!  Summer is one of those seasons that showcases all the relaxation and freedom of being in the sun and relaxing.  Is this always the case for you?  Maybe not and Summer Stress is very very real for some of us!  In fact, the summer season can be a huge period of overwhelm for some, childcare arrangements, summer camps, vacations, packing for camping, trailer time, family time, celebration time etc.  It’s a big upheaval for some!  Read my top tips for using the summertime to your advantage.

My top tips:ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE:  Just because the kids aren’t in school, or you aren’t at work doesn’t mean we don’t crave routine, in fact, our brain CRAVES it!  We love to know what to expect.  Make the summer days just as routine based as you would your regular day, making more time for flexibility.  When you have something to look forward to in the day, you are motivated to enjoy the rest of the day too!GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION FOR DOWN-TIME:  Used to the everyday challenges and celebrations?  You can incorporate that into your day too.  Reading & Learning, Playing and Creativity, Physical Exercise, serving others – so many community events out there!  Use your downtime well and you will have a fun packed and fulfilled summer!PLAN PLAN PLAN:  Hands up, how many are thinking “summer is here and what’s the plan?”.  Have a pow-wow with yourself, your friends, family and significant others on your bucket list for the summer.  When you know what you would like to achieve, see and do over the summer, you can schedule it in!  Or make a bucket list for next year!No regrets!  Summer is ready for you, take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors, the learning opportunities, the reading opportunities, the opportunity to rest and recuperate!

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