Reflective questions for High Impact Conversations

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Reflective questions for High Impact Conversations

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We know from research that for ANYTHING to be done effectively, the success depends on asking the right questions.  This is the first crucial step, so what questions should you be asking of your teams? 

  1. What should we do differently in our (Project, Department, Team)  open up the opportunity to change and grow and helps your teams recognize they have a stake in developing the team, project, department and organization! 
  2. What has been your/our biggest accomplishment this month/week/quarter? Create a sense of moving forward and growth. Gives everyone oversight power and improvement potential.
  3. What support do you need from me to be successful this (week/month/quarter) A great opportunity to build trust and create more balance/harmony for your team.
  4. What experiences have you had that gave you an opportunity to learn and grow this (week/month/quarter)?  Create an expectation that all experiences are an opportunity to develop!
  5. What did you notice about another team member who contributed to our success this (week/month/quarter)?  Recognizing others breeds a sharing and acknowledgement culture.
  6. Let us walk through what we would do differently if you were to have the same experience?  Be learning and results orientated as an approach to growth for both the individuals and the team.
  7. Thinking about our goals this year, which are going to have the greatest impact on our culture and performance of our team?  Have your team members own their engagement/culture and performance too.
  8. What has made the difference between where we were (date) and today?  Reflecting together on what drove the successes will allow these results to continue.
  9. If you could pick up a new skill that would help you have impact in your work, what would it be?  Show them you are interested in creating learning experiences that will develop their performance and feeling of accomplishment.
  10. What are our biggest challenges to performing at our best and what do we need to do to solve them?  Proving a constant improvement culture will allow everyone to have the practice of reflection.

Great questions can have great results.  Knowing how to ask the most powerful questions when coaching is a critical skill for highly-engaged leaders.  Read more about our Coaching for Success Programs here.

Coaching can help:  Work with your teams more effectively, create responsibility for actions and solution orientated thinking.  Reduce errors.  Learning opportunities and more. 

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