What are you placing value upon?

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What are you placing value upon?

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I’ve just had to give myself a time out and a good talking to.

It was my 2 year checkup at the optometrist and I chose some new frames (I like to change them up). One frame I liked so much more, suited me better but were so expensive! The other, were nice and more along my budget. So I went to cashout with the cheaper pair. Ouch

What value had I just placed on my eyesight and how I feel rocking the glasses!!!

It made me think about the fact that sometimes (budget constraints considered too) that we shouldn’t necessarily look at the price of items we buy, but on how much value we placed on those items.

When purchasing coaching for example, we may shop around for one that fits with our idea on how much a coach costs. If we changed our mind-set and ask ourselves what value would having a coach give me and what price could I put on that, we may feel differently spending. Its so easy to do with organic vs no organic vegetables, and easy to do with that cheap camping chair vs the comfortable one that we love to ready a good book in. So why aren’t we applying the same thought process to our health, business etc?

I for one, have given myself a shake and changed my mindset today. I bought the pair of glasses I Loved! As they say, “if it doesn’t bring you joy, why do you have it?”

Ella Bates

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