Key Management Toolkit

Master Trainer, Learning Expert, National Speaker

As leaders, you don’t have time not to manage. Career trajectory has meant that the key core skills of leadership have been lost in translation.

This workshop  establishes a proven technique of putting time in up-front, in advance as a highly engaged manager.

Have you ever wondered..

How to be successful, stepping from Individual Team Member to Leader?

How to balance the productivity of your team?

Understand the different personalities and capitalize on strengths and develop areas for improvement?

How to Coach and engage with your team for maximum results?

What you can expect

Be able to demonstrate ways to develop priorities and time management strategies as a Manager.

Recognize individual strengths & weaknesses for each team member.

Determine ways to meet the needs of your team through communication and coaching.  

Utilize the GROW method for formalized Coaching.

Use our Feedback Model to provide constructive and timely feedback.

Plan a system to for investing time in and with your team.  


We work with you to determine the delivery style VIRTUAL or IN PERSON. 1-2 hours, half or full day delivery that would work best for your organization and your teams.