Why your goals need to be ‘Sticky’

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Why your goals need to be ‘Sticky’

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Why isn’t everyone rocking their goals they make with such great intention at the start of the year?  The top 3 reasons why….

Not being realistic – Some of us have such ideas of grandeur and why it is great to grow and stretch ourselves taking on new challenges, we don’t want to exhaust ourselves and feel miserable in the process.  Be realistic with your intentions, do you have the support system, do you have the resources you need to fulfill this goal?  Are you motivated?

Sloppy Goals – A goal should be clearly and concisely and highly compelling.  To state that you “want to get promoted” or that you will “learn more skills” doesn’t denote a very SMART goal.  Click for our SMART GOAL Worksheet Does that mean if you get promoted without a pay rise or into a position you didn’t want that you achieved your goal?  If you complete your regulatory training required for the year,  have you achieved your goal?  Be super specific so there is no grey area.  “I want to be promoted to HR Director by  1st July 2020 with a pay rise of (Insert here) or I want to be more productive in my work day and will learn skills to be more efficient in excel by 20th July 2019 by taking courses through the LMS system and having my manager hold me accountable. 

You are not motivated – Wanting something and taken action are quite different.  You need to be in the right frame of mind to be able to take that action.  Be prepared to know why you are wanting to achieve it and focus on your why.  Having a why is super important as a driver.

Make your goals super sticky this year and be driven to take action!


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