Fall in love with your work

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Fall in love with your work

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My first job I was so blessed to be given a position in a prestigious company that would eventually lead to being a barrister in a law firm.  Everyone was so very very proud of me and would talk incessantly about how I was a Trainee Legal Executive. I felt proud, what a title I had! I got to wear power suits (it was the early 90s!) and walk around in charged heels and stand in court with lawyers all day representing the people.  I became depressed, fully dreading every day.  My bosses were just awful.  Cruel in fact.  Talking to their staff without respect.  Micro Managing.  Casting fear over all that walked their way, including their clients!  I stayed for a full year, feeling that this is what the full-time workplace was all about.  Then I made friends with a wonderful woman on the bus each day who would tell me how much she loved her job, she was passionate about the company she worked for, she felt such reward from the work that she did and felt like a family with the people who she worked for with the mutual respect of the company.  Then I realized that no longer did you have to put up with what no one deserved, but a job that you DO deserve!

I found a job within a week as a legal secretary and much to the surprise of the company for leaving the “opportunity of a lifetime” I left, I left the world of “I am stuck, this is just the way it is!”

Now, am I here encouraging you to leave your position if you are unhappy?  No, not at all.

I’m here to remind you that what you do for work should inspire you, help you to feel fulfilled, be rewarding, be contributing to you and the people around you and to provide you with financial security.  You have ONE life (that we know of) and YOU DESERVE to feel nothing for joy for your days here.  So here are my tips for you.

1.       Do you love the work that you do?  If you do, share with others how you got there.  How you made it work that you love…. If not why not, could you challenge the process and introduce a way of doing the work that would be more enjoyable to you and the people around you?  Let’s be clear, it’s a little bit like doing dishes (not the most fun) but joy can be found in most work.  It could be your time to think during the mundane tasks, daydream?

2.       Do you realize the bigger picture of what you do?  Do you understand who your work touches?  Who it affects.  Sometimes we believe that the perceived smaller tasks have no worth.  Ask yourself/your boss, how does this affect the business.  Once we understand its worth, it automatically becomes much more rewarding.  As adult thinkers, we love to ask why! Go ask the question!

3.       Do you love your work environment?  What do you love about it, did you create it, was it created for you?  Do you dislike the environment? What can you do to change this?  Is it the work space?  Can you brighten this up, fill with your reasons for working, photos of your dream house or your family?  Is it a dangerous/cold/unrewarding environment?  As yourself where would you rather be, is this where you deserve to be?

4.       Do you have a dream of becoming or creating a position one day?  What are you doing to work towards this?  Are you allowing yourself to feel stuck?  Speak up to your boss about your career aspirations, start to look at opportunities out there where you believe you should be! Start the process.  Gain the knowledge, speak to the right people.

What percentage of your day are you at work?  A HUGE percentage, right?  I hope you are reading this and feel every ounce of joy in your career, if not let’s do something about that! Love the job you are in, or find the job you love, YOU DESERVE It!

Ella Bates

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