Every Project is Like Christmas

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Every Project is Like Christmas

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Yes we are 1/3 of the way through the year and quite probably, you wont want to hear the word Christmas, especially since there are also many many holidays, projects, adventures and challenges in between.

Each year, I watch more and more people feel the heat towards these times.  Preparing your gifts, social media posts, family activities, organized time off, customer/family visits.  Yet the holidays come around every year around the same time and we are NOT ORGANIZED!

Every evergreen project that happens, a holiday or a seasonal time for you in your business/career is going to happen and can be addressed early, as I always say “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”,

For example, the workshop you intend to do in November this year to help your team/clients get ready for the new year.  Why wait until October to design it?  Have a trello board, inbox folder, envelope, any way of storing the information you can collate in the meantime.  Have a low energy point in your day?  Use this for research time.  Need to book a caterer?  Book them early.  80% of success is in the planning, do it early and your future self will thank you for it.

Here are some quick ideas

Want to write more blogs this year?  Have a blog page in your journal and each time you are inspired by a title write it in, then on your low energy days, write those blogs without the need for looking for inspiration.

Know that June is your quietest months?  Start a list of planning projects you wish to start as they come to you.  Have a financial contingency plan started.  Start scheduling in time to do the projects you “never get round to”.

Want to have a thanksgiving appreciation party for your clients, book the date in your calendar, write a to-do list, use your low energy times to pop in and tick something off your list.

Launching a product?  Use low energy times to write a to-do list and chunk out into manageable pieces.

Going on vacation later in the year?  Start a coin jar, slip in all your unused coins at the end of the day.  Use this money towards your airport money, excursions or keepsakes!

Want to make sure you don’t get caught out next winter?  Replace that old car brush now while they are on sale, organize at the back of your garage, shed and be sure that you have everything you need now, saves getting caught out in the first snow fall!

Opening a trailer next summer?  Start to compile a list of things you need (dried goods, containers, foil, BBQ items etc) and buy them when they are out of seasonally on sale!

Want to be organized for Christmas?  Use a bullet journal, notes app on your phone, back of your planner to write ideas as they come to you for gifts, it will make purchasing easier.


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