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Selecting your DISC Learning Experience

Our signature DISC Workshops and Sessions are designed to bring the essence and power of DISC into bite-size pieces that pack a powerful punch.

Workshops run from 45 minute lunch and learns to 60-75 minutes, or can go longer for more in-depth conversation and learning.

Consider a Team Building Event from 3-4 hours at your Off-Site event or Conference.

Recommended Experiences

Supporting Effective Teamwork

Which Program or Workshop is right for you?
Your guide for valuing others and gaining insight in the following areas:
Peak Performance, Inspiring Attitudes, Servant Leadership, Excellence in life and in your Team.
Excellent for Internal Teams.

Micro Learning DISC Experience

A great introduction This fun and engaging 25-30 minute session has participants up on their feet, moving around the room, and really getting a sense of what if feels like to live inside each of the DISC Quadrants.
This session is perfect to introduce DISC to any audience, can be used as an Ice Breaker, or a Room Energizer after lunch when the energy may be naturally lower.

DISC Trainig

Introduction to DISC

A great introduction into the world of DISC Personality Profiles.
The “FunBook” is designed to provide an overview in a concise yet informative way, and the booklet remains an excellent resource for future use

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