Desk Paper Clutter

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Desk Paper Clutter

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Are you a “keep just in case” paper collector?  There are so many places you can keep paper items digitally now it’s quite wonderful! Example articles, blog ideas, clippings can be snapped and stored on your phone or posted to an app like Pinterest.  If you keep receipts for business, there is an app for that!

What about those “need to deal with it” letters and general mail?  Do you have a landing strip in your house?  Get yourself a catch all box or even a command centre, you can find some great examples at the links.

So to de-clutter, take out the paper you have the time to deal with.   Always ask  yourself…could I get this information if I needed it again?  Important information on the paper? Place it in the deal with it box to be shredded(never dump sensitive paperwork due to fraud) if not dump it (remember to recycle)

Start asking yourself if you have a process for when this paper enters the house, if not consider starting one.

Are you finding yourself using the phrase ‘busy’ and not so much “productive”?


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