Craving your Routine back?

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Craving your Routine back?

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It’s not a wonder we crave routine, even the cells in our body have patterns and schedule and order!  As does the sun, think about it…when we have a schedule or a routine and some order in our lives, things go smoother.

We do it naturally  We order our lives so that we limit the amount of choices we have to make.  You’ve been there where they are so many choices, we literally don’t make one!  Routine is natural!

It makes us productive If you reduce decision making time, it gives us more time to take action!  Automation of our lives works wonders for us.

Gives us a sense of purpose  As a kid, our routines set by our parents/school gave us that safe feeling.  Our brains don’t like the feeling of the unknown, if we did we would be on constant alert.defense.  When we engage in a routine, we feel comforted in the fact that we have been in this situation before and we know what to do.

Even the creative people If you have a routine that isn’t allowed to be broken then creative people will go crazy!  Structure doesn’t have to be oppressive!  It offers an easier life Allow your routines to have flexible walls to keep to comfort.

Have one in the morning  Your morning routine alone can affect the rest of your day.  How you get up in the morning and your routine can dramatically affect your success in every area of your day.  Find your own daily routine that works for you.

Ella Bates

Ella Bates – Master Trainer

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