When did you last congratulate yourself?

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When did you last congratulate yourself?

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I want you all to know that Today and Tomorrow that you DESERVE and you CAN be the person you want to be, you CAN live your life the way that you want to by learning how to change your thinking, making lifestyle modifications and being super productive.

What is your reason for not going out there and chasing your dreams?  What is your excuse?  Do you even know why you don’t?

Have you ever used the phrase, “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the time”?

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If this is something you really, really want to do, you WILL, you CAN and you Shall have the power to take charge of YOUR life.  You may have to jump some obstacles and face some challenges.  Let me share something with you.  I had the privilege of watching the Motivational Coach Tony Robbins speak a few years ago in Toronto.  I’m going to copy one of his exercises, please follow me:

Open both arms wide and clap, open again and clap and hold it there.  Notice and be aware of which thumb is on the top.

Now when we clap again, I want you to purposely place your thumb the opposite direction.  How does it feel?  Maybe slightly weird, uncomfortable?  That’s how change and new adventures feel at first.

We watch shows daily on TV about how someone overcome adversity to achieve their greatness.  Articles daily on Social Media on how someone conquered a goal that before was unimaginable.  We watch people we never in a million years thought would achieve what they have achieved.


Have you ever reflected on where you have been?  What you have achieved?  Do you realize that out there someone right now on the streets, from school, an old employer, a friend on Social Media, someone is looking at YOU and wishing that they too could have gained what you have gotton?

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Here is a fun exercise for you, You will complete 3 columns.  Column one:  What successes have you achieved so far.

For some, this may be the first time that you have reflected like this exercise.  Maybe you made and grew a healthy baby, maybe you passed you driving test, learnt to swim, learnt a foreign language, overcame an emotional scenario, lost weight, maybe you provided care for an elderly person, passed high school, gained a diploma, a degree, a certificate, a master.  Did you open your own business?  Did you buy your first house, buy your first car, treated yourself to your first diamond, fancy purse?  Every and any success, no matter how small and insignificant you believe it to be, if you had successes WRITE THEM DOWN!

In the next column you will write.  Who have I helped achieve success?  Maybe you helped others with the successes we just talked about, maybe you helped someone to ride a bike, became a sounding board for someone’s idea, helped a friend with their homework for a major test, sponsored an event to raise money for a worth cause, who have you helped?

The next column, may take a little more time and this IS ok!  I want you to know that any goal you write in this column is ok.  I want you to write What successes/goals would you like to achieve.

For today I want you to revel in your successes!  Remind your self all that you have achieved, all that you have overcome!  Share with us your biggest or favorite success in your life, let us celebrate with you!

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