Are you frustrated with the little time available to do what you love?  Currently procrastinating?  Stressed about your current circumstances and want to achieve more OR Need a new perspective?  Then read on to see if working with an Efficiency Coach is for you.

What is an Efficiency Coach?

An Efficiency Coach guides you to work smarter not harder.  This guidance will challenge you on your current habits from distractions/procrastination and your non-value added activities.  Our mission is to move you from that stressful feeling of overwhelm to feeling productive and more importantly efficient with your time.

What does an Efficiency Coach Do?

Your Efficiency Coach will take a deep look at your current habits and guide you with tested methodology and a whole new toolkit to set up successful systems for your success.  To start, we will capture your current challenges and your valuable vision for your life and build momentum, loosening the tasks that aren’t adding the most value to your workflow.  We will provide you proven methods and valuable tricks and tips that will keep you on task.  Our EB Efficiency Coaching, we can give you the much-needed motivation to reach your full potential, more time to do what you love, reduce your stress and frustration.  If you feel that saving your energy, money and time is for you, then contact us today!

There are many options available to work with me. From our (NEW) Time Management Intensive for a deep express Action Plan, Crew Coaching great for Direct Sales, Mastermind Teams and Peer Groups to our Full Intensive 3 Month Package designed to deep dive into your desired state, see results and build momentum.






Guaranteed to deep dive into your current efficiency and productivity habits to gain a strategic action plan.  Including 1wk Time Log, Extensive Deep Dive into Time Usage, Efficiency Direction, Time Saving Techniques, Energy Hacks, Tailored Value Alignment

$250 1 time investment (Exclusive Winter Pricing Regularly $300)

Full Intensive Package

Ideal for those who are motivated to deep dive into their current productivity & efficiency to create momentum and drive into their desired vision.  Commitment to a 3-month program with 2 coaching sessions per month.  Unlimited Email Support.

$250 per month per person investment

Coaching Crew Package

Ideal for Direct Sales Groups, Teams, Peer & Mastermind Groups.  Minimum of 6 participants.  Commitment to a 3-month program with 2 coaching sessions per month.  Unlimited Email Support.

$150 per month per person investment

With all Packages you Receive
  • Exclusive Time Plan for efficient measurement of current to the desired state
  • A detailed intake form to help highlight the focus of the Efficiency Coaching Sessions
  • A 60 minute phone call/audio or video session with an experienced & certified NLP Practitioner/Coach
  • Recap Email within 24 hours of your call outlining some of the major bullet points from your session as well as what you need to work on going forward
Exclusive to 3mth Packages
  • Accountability Check-In Email one week after the session served as a directive to building action to be able to see traction.
  • Pre-Session Completion
  • Mailed Learning Journal – To aid in capturing all your learning and dedicated action as a result of the coaching sessions.

At EB Coaching, we can help you gain the skills and new routines needed to acquire the deserved rewards that come with being more productive and super efficient.  Gain clarity, focus, de-stress and let go of the overwhelm and overall improve the quality of your day.

Not sure which package is the one for you?  Set up a discovery call to determine what will work best for you and your day.



Once you sign up, you will be directed to an initial athlete intake form. Please fill this form out as soon as possible as this will help us prepare your first session.  You will also receive a time evaluation sheet to start completing.  Once your form has been completed, your first session will be on the next selected day.

Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds on coaching packages that have been initiated and for which programming has been provided by the coach for that month OR for any long term package that was subject to a discounted rate up front and for which the client wishes to cancel early.