Boost Your Body Language

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Boost Your Body Language

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Why does body language have the largest impact of all the ways we communicate? Because words have limitations, let’s face it, you can’t explain shapes well with words. Your personality is expressed nonverbally! Non-verbal skills are super powerful, they express inner feelings and show authenticity as they are a little harder to be controlled than the spoken word.

So what quick tips can you do to boost your awareness of body language and maximize your budding relationships with clients?

Make your handshake count Do you extend your hand first? It will demonstrate confidence and mean that you are interested in engaging in a friendly encounter, don’t be shy, be first!.Are you matching the grip of the other person? Do you reach in with your palm facing downwards? Did you know that this is considered dominating or aggressive?  A vital piece of our Body Language Program is being acutely aware of how you connect with others.

Eye contact Most of us pay more attention to what the eyes of a person says than listening to their words? Why? Connection will be greater as they will consider you more competent and trustworthy. Think about how you feel when someone talks to you without eye contact.

How do you hold your arms and legs? Do you sit with your legs to the side showing that you are open to new ideas? Or with your ankles crossed showing confidence? Are you crossing your arms, showing you are serious and analytical or hands resting in your lap showing that you are a wonderful conversationalist and are more listened to and respected?

Study others Are you aware of how others carry themselves? What they are portraying? Especially study those who you admire, your gut instinct may have been merely being aware of their body language (what they weren’t saying verbally!)

Its time to start being acutely aware of how you connect with others!

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