5 Steps to Blissful Sleep to wake up Vibrant, Energized & Ready

Wouldnt it be lovely to wake up feeling super energized, quick and vibrant?  Its a huge necessity, sleeping, it is required for your body to be rested so you can take on another day.  Some days, people wake up still feeling sleepy even after 8 hours!

It IS possible to wake up feeling very much alive even after less than 7 hours sleep.

Drink more water

Tip One:  Drink More Water

If you sip on a nice tall glad of iced water, it will help your body to rehydrate itself, help your digestive system and detox itself while you are asleep!

Tip Two:  Write It Out

More than likely (especially if you are reading this) you have had a highly energetic day so winding down at night is tough.  Get a notepad or a journal and write when you have accomplished and the things you plan to do the next day, make space in your mind for restful sleep not for re-playing your day or preparing for the next one.

Tip Three:  Don’t hit the Snooze Button

Have you heard the phrase “You Snooze, you Lose”?  You know that your alarm will go off again in just a few minutes, so there is no time to allow for a deep restful sleep.  Usually producing a groggy feeling and being more tired than when the original alarm went off!

Tip Four:  Turn off Electronics

Sounds obvious right?  Your body needs time to shift into your sleep mode, the last hour before bedtime should be spent doing something mindful, reading or meditating or conversation.  The light that is emitted from our electronica activate the brain instead of winding it down.

Tip Five:  Cut out the Caffeine

Caffeine is designed to enhance your focus and energy.  It can affect you up to 8 hours after your drink still stimulating the body at bedtime.  If you crave it at night, stick with the decaffeinated kind.

Each day is a gift and our time is a gift, we don’t get it back and we cant return to it.  Let’s use it wisely!  Sleep is just one aspect of having a great day, check out our Productivity Bootcamp™ for more tips and tools.

Ella Bates
Ella Bates – Master Trainer, Founder of Trainingx3 the patented formula for guaranteed Corporate Training Success, Ella has over 20 years in the Learning Industry within Corporate and Higher Education. If you are looking for Corporate Training with high impact and long lasting results, we would love to talk with you. CLICK HERE Read more at www.ellabates.com

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