Master Trainer, Learning Expert, National Speaker

Ella Bates has been delivering training since 1998, having started out in the Hospitality Industry, Ella has delivered programs on land, at sea, on stage, Virtual and LIVE in the more traditional classroom.

Clients have ranged from large International Corporations of over 10,000 employees to the unionized Manufacturing Plants and Small Business Communities.

Joining Ella is a rich grouping of highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers who have their own area of speciality to ensure the correct level of expertise is showcased within your organization.

From one hour Virtual Micro-Experiences to your Key Note Speaker, we are focused on elevating people so you can invest in professional growth within an engaging and high-impact learning environment.

Alongside the LIVE experiences, we have also recently introduced our newest offering at EB Academy where we inspire deep thinking with our inspirational, self-paced programs to help busy people create the best day possible. Ella Bates has been designing and delivering self-paced courses since 2012 for the busy professional to be housed on our platform AND on your organizations Learning Management System.

In the workplace, we have focused for many years filling the gaps for high-demand skills with interactive and dynamic learning experiences.

We would love to work with you to create the high impact learning experience you, your organization and your team deserve.