5 Reasons for a Lunch & Learn This Season

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5 Reasons for a Lunch & Learn This Season

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Reason One MAGIC OF BEING INFORMAL  Attendees are much more open to discussion, remember and digest the knowledge better and they can become popular if you make them quick, engaging and fun

Reason Two  REINFORCES COMPANY CULTURE If you create quick engaging and fun skill building sessions like a lunch and learn (virtual or LIVE), they will remember them and likely attend more which helps skill build, overall satisfaction and in turn brings in great results!

lunch and learn

lunch and learn

Reason Three  Our Lunch & Learn Sessions ARE ON SALE!  For December ONLY we are offering ANY Micro-Learning Experience Virtually with NO cap on participants for only $500 a session!!! START THE CAR!  Contact us before end of the day Cyber Monday!

Reason Four GREAT USE OF TIME!  Time is limited.  Networking, Social Learning, being Engaged and having fun?!  Who doesn’t want that in their day?  Time is limited and associate learning and all these fabulous feelings with lunch and you have created a wonderful use of time. 

Training Session

Training Session

Reason Five  ADVANCES OTHER INITIATIVES Do you have compliance sessions coming up?  Succession plan training?  Upskilling etc…  This is an opportunity to showcase how interesting and informative and IMPACTFUL learning can be. 

We have over 100 Lunch & Learn and Micro Learning Experiences, from Embracing the EI factor to the Enigma of Efficiency, check them out here

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