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Join in our growth generation!  I want to start a social media experiment!  Can you imagine what would happen if everyone were to post what they had learned each day #30daysoflearning on social media, helping others grow, driving an awareness of personal growth, sharing positive learning!

I wonder just how our social media learning will change if enough of us do this?  How our career and lives will be enriched, how we can all move forward to a well-deserved enriched life?

I would love for you to come along for the journey!


There are a lot of reasons why you should never stop learning, here are just a few of mine:


Self-Improvement is Mastery

When we decide to stop trying to better our life and learn new things, we are also saying stop to reaching our goals.  The best way to truly be a master is to look for a way to improve!

 If you are not using it you are losing it

Your mind is a muscle that needs exercise just like any other muscle in your body.  When you are used to learning new things, you then become more adaptable to changes.

Boost your Self Confidence

Imagine you discussing thoughts and ideas with confidence, backing them up with your newly learnt information.  When you put your mind to a new challenge, it can sometimes be surprising at what you are capable of achieving.  You will be able to make better decisions and quicker and you have access to all your new knowledge.

Boost your Happiness & Health

There is solid research that shows those who focus on your personal growth have lower stress levels, an improved immune system and a much better sleep (who doesn’t want that?).  Learning new skills also produces a mass of the feel-good hormone dopamine.

Broaden Your View

Many scientists believe that much of what we call creativity is simply the ability to translate skills and learned information into another setting. When you’re always learning you have a stronger knowledge base to approach problems from a different angle. You’ll also be able to make better decisions more quickly and confidently as you’ll have access to all your newly gained knowledge.


How did you used to learn as an adult?  Encyclopedia, lessons at the local library?  Night school?

Our world of learning has changed dramatically today with professional and personal development at your fingertips in your pocket.

Learning is a lifelong commitment, it’s not just reserved for children and the young.  As adults we deserve and desire to grow, every single day we are faced with learning opportunities, maybe learning more about who we are, what are our capabilities, learning from our failures, relationships and there is an endless run of new questions and new answers.

The question is, how do you take massive conscious ACTION to make sure your learning continues?


There are many many places you can learn from free to huge investments, here is a small pick of my personal favorites.

  • Everyday situations – step back and look at your peripheral, what do you see, who do you see, what are they doing, why are they doing it, go back to being childlike and look at each situation with eyes of curiosity and intrigue.
  • Your favorite newsletters. blogs and magazines. Make time to read and learn from them.
  • Guides.co : A huge collection of online guides to pretty any topic you can imagine.
  • TED Ed : A super popular podcasts and videos that bring you lessons worth sharing
  • ITunes U: Yale, Harvard, and other top universities share lecture podcasts.
  • Micro Learning:  Book a Lunch & Learn with us!
  • Youtube: Simply search for a topic you are interested in, chances are someone, somewhere has made a video about it.
  • Greatworkday: Proven successful online programs
  • Udemy: thousands of online training courses on anything development orientated ranging from free to high priced and 5 minutes to 20 hours.
  • Cook Smarts: Learn basic to advanced food prep and cooking techniques.
  • The Happiness Project: Why not just learn how to be happy? I’d give five minutes a day to that!


Day to day learning is available at your fingertips, here are just a few examples of how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

  • New vocabulary – heard a new word? Look it up!  These increases both your vocabulary and understanding of what others are communicating.
  • There is an old Chinese Proverb “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not, is a fool forever.” You can learn something from everyone, allow others to be a master. Asking is often perceived as a compliment, it shows you are willing to learn from them, you respect and recognize their experience, knowledge and perspective.
  • Share your knowledge – Social media is a perfect platform to share what you haven’t learnt.
  • Read anything, fiction or not.

Life Long Learning is a commitment, make it a habit, see every day as a brand new growth opportunity, to expand as a person and be a better version of yourself every day for a better life.

I challenge you today, find something new to learn every day, whether it benefits your mindset, your personal life, relationships, your career…..you deserve to expand as a person as every day is a brand new growth opportunity!

Your mission is to hashtag your daily learnings and share you’re your world to help them expand and grow with #30daysoflearning


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