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Virtual Lunch & Learns are HUGE!

Micro-Learning experiences are in HIGH DEMAND right now.  A high impact learning strategy to quickly close a knowledge gap in your organization.  

30 minutes webinars to 1 hour LIVE experiences.  One of our pre-designed trending experiences or a customized experience for your organization.  

Why should YOUR organization embrace Micro-Learning Experiences?

  • Designer for the modern Learner
  • Immediate results
  • Much lower costs
  • Easy to digest smaller bites of knowledge


Listed below are our most popular topics ranging from Motivational to Critical Leadership Skills, here is just a snapshot of what we can offer:

Great Virtual Meetings What are the chances that people in your organization are facing zoom fatigue, unproductive meetings and lack of time. Master the art of having a great, productive, outcome based meeting in 1 hour, in this highly interactive, engaging learning experience. 

The Art of Communication with DISC A great introduction This fun and engaging 25-30 minute session has participants up on their feet, moving around the room, and really getting a sense of what if feels like to live inside each of the DISC Quadrants.

This session is perfect to introduce DISC to any audience, can be used as an Ice Breaker, or a Room Energizer after lunch when the energy may be naturally lower.

Leading Like a Tribe Establish a proven technique of shifting culture mindset of the relationships formed inside a highly effective Team.  Embrace the building blocks and unlock the secrets to sharing as a tribe. Leave with simple tools that lead to freedom from friction in the workplace!  

Bonus Option Attending alongside Ella Bates can be Daria Gimon, Wellness and Drumming expert who will be introducing you to the power of community drumming, and how group cohesion, connection and energy can be shifted by a common rhythm in just a few minutes.

The Enigma of Efficiency Embrace personal efficiency and learn how it is connected to your value system.  How you can be like Eisenhower with your priorities and developing new, high impact routines.  Embrace personal efficiency and learn how it is connected to your value system.  How you can be like Eisenhower with your priorities and developing new, high impact routines. 

What can they see you saying? The non-verbal skill can make or break long, trusting relationships.  Help reinforce and add credibility to what you say. Understand the signals you are sending and read those that are sent to you with accuracy.  A dynamic opportunity to learn this critical communication skill.

Goal Genius Want to set alight the big, hairy goals that have been set? Create super trajectory towards a compelling milestone? Help bring structure and track-ability to your goals. Create transparency for the future, know precisely where you concentrate your effort sand quickly spot your distractions.

Embracing the E.I. Factor Develop strong social skills to successfully connection with others while creating solid relationships.  Be a great influence by discovering what Emotional Intelligence is and why more and more successful people are raising the EI bar to stand out from the crowd.

WAIT!  There is more - our 30 Min Fast Learning

We also offer our specialized - "Just in Time" learning experiences that are just 30 minutes long!  With the right topic, information and interaction, these 30 minute webinars can have long lasting and IMMEDIATE impact!

Check out some of our titles here:

Customized Micro-Learning Experiences™

We offer customized experiences for your organization if you want a tailored learning experience for your team. PLUS, we can take your existing training and create modular micro-learning experiences for short bursts of learning with massive impact.  

We would LOVE to talk more with you about your Micro Learning needs, contact us 905 914 0029 email ella@ellabates.com

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