Summer is Coming!

Ok its not here yet, but…….Summer is just around the corner, AND we know if we dare to blink, it’s over before you know it!

Have no regrets and start off efficiently planning for YOUR best Summer Yet with my top tips

Get your Home Ready Just one of your summer maintenance plans MUST be to check your Air Conditioner.  Maybe even replace your air filter (we always do in the summer)  Don’t get stuck on the first sticky day with a house full of dusty debris and a potential HVAC visit!

Get your Skin Ready Start buying the sun cream whilst it is on sale!  Not only that, your poor feet have been hiding in socks all winter.  Now’s the time to give them a big soaking and moisturizing treatment or even book yourself into the Nail Salon!  You only have one set of feet to walk on, let’s look after them

Prepare your Garden It’s super easy, like me, to get carried away at your nearby Plant Centre.  Be sure to save money and make a plan for your garden.  Get out the notebook and make a plan for anything new you would like vegetables to start, mulch, plants, areas for maintenance.  Get green fingered and get going!

Prepare your Closet Time to dig into your summer clothes box and see what needs to be donated and kept.  Find your sunglasses (don’t get caught out on the first squinty day!)  Flip flops and summer sneakers always go on sale at the end of spring.  Put your winter coat into storage (just make sure to give it a good clean up first!)

Try Something New Summer is a great excuse to try something new as generally, the weather isn’t a great reason to procrastinate!  So many outdoor activities not available to us the other half of the year thai chi, outdoor yoga, archery, tree-top trekking.  Doing something new can be super invigorating!  Get it scheduled in and revitalize yourself.

Make Plans with Family and Friends We all so often go into hibernation over the colder months, make plans now to have days out with family and friends, having fun plans in your diary can give you milestones to work towards

Get ready for summer now, it’s coming!

Have more questions? Contact Ella Bates at and let’s determine whether pre-planning your business year is right for you!

If you are feeling busy and not productive or even overwhelmed…or if you are working from a reactive state and procrastinating, we can help! Ella Bates has helped numerous businesses work more productively for over 20 years by teaching them the strategies they need to succeed. Our highly interactive and engaging courses, coaching and products are without a doubt the boost your business needs to stay on top in today’s constantly changing world. 



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