Be really HEARD by your Ideal Clients


Did you know that being a Guest Speaker and being right at the front of the room is one of the FASTEST ways to gain credibility & business marketing without having to have a sales pitch!

There are some Biz owners who 100% rely on their speaking engagements for Client Leads!  Just look at TedEx!

Don’t think this applies to your business?  What better way to establish you as an expert, really elevate your brand and go public using your niched business.

We all know it to be true that conversation is one of the best way to connect to your clients, showcasing your expertise and building the trust and rapport with your ideal client.

Where can you speak? Clubs, Organizations, Groups and Charities often have speakers to add value to their meetings.  They will need you as much as you need them, as they will likely want to fill their speaker slots!

For example, a caterer could speak at a mom group talking about easy meals.  An Electrician could talk at a local hardware store.

You may find you are flexible with your message to suit the venue.  If this attracts more business for you at he same time as attracting business for them, then it’s a win all round!

Don’t not invite yourself in to share your fabulous experience with your ideal client who are just waiting to hear amazing tips from you!  If you can find the courage and you are ready to share your knowledge and build your business through speaking, start to source the engagements!

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