Christmas Charity

Its our 3rd Annual Christmas Charity Book!

Filled with Christmas Cookie recipes and Crafts (tried & tested by local families), our books are officially on Sale and you can pick-up locally in-time for Christmas gifts for friends, teachers and anyone in the Durham Region who likes to eat cookies and craft!  Please share this book with your friends.  Invite them to be friends with our facebook page

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Meet your Christmas Elves!

Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons. We have a small but busy family and we don’t get a moment to catch our break for the whirlwind holiday week. I wouldn’t change a thing as we buzz from Oshawa to Barrie, to Orangeville and back again over only a few days. When my eyes were finally open to the loneliness that some seniors in our community experience, my heart ached. Everyone deserves to look forward to Christmas morning and have a moment of joy and smile at the magic this wonderful season is about. I partnered to help do my family’s part and bring magic to the seniors of our community, and I thank you for purchasing this book and supporting our cause. Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Sherry x

The holidays in the Bates household is an eclectic mix of messy glitter, sticky glue and unidentifiable decorations, crumbs of consumed foodie delights and carefully selected gifts chosen from local makers supporting their own household of crazy fun. So how could I say no to supporting the development of this wonderful Christmas Book? My own wonderful grandparents used to enrich their local community with smiles, songs and gifts to surrounding senior’s homes, even into their 90’s! I’ve always cherished their contribution to others, so I embrace the chance to continue their work with local charities! We hope you enjoy this book as much we enjoyed developing it with our community!

Ella x